Voici les souvenirs en photos de Tjam 01 . Here are the souvenirs from Tjam 01.


  Cette Poupée Africaine de Bidou a gagne le 3e prix dans la categorie des petites sculptures.

This African puppet from Bidou has won the 3rd prize on the small figure contest.

Arlenee from the

Way Cool Gang

Beatle car from Mike  


A Wonderfull Betty Boop made by Janis Hastings

A fanatstic music band frm Todd Neufeld.

1st place in the medium figues contest

The king made by Mark Small A wonderfull Santa using the weaving technique, made by Dan Bellamy A big Teddy bear


A fantastic scupture from Christoper Hayes

Captain Hook made by Tim"lord of latex"Mc Coneghy



 A musician cat from Chris Hayes

A monkey, also from Chris 

A Church window made by Patrick Brown

Crazy guys during the Banquet


The Fantastic Trekkie Twister  Debby Brown


Bidou, the Browns, Rick Mohr and Leo Verlinden from IBS



1st place in the medium figure contest by Sheree Brown-Rosner

A french man made by Guido from Hoolllaand

1st place large sculpture from Guido

A link-a-loon Homer by Hans


An X photo from Hans when is dreaming




An Hawaï girl

Todd Neufeld by himself "Hup" by Hans Tortoise and Rabbit by Jimmy Leo


Johana Perry and her Bee


John Perry and my Krosty clown

Leo is paying the drinks...

Leo, Pas and Pat from Europe

2nd place small sculpture made by Daniel Herron

Crazy people during the banquet

M'n M's made by Arthur Tivoli


 A running man by Arthur Tivoli


The "Pat" 's African guy


Patrick Brown's dog

Pirate by Patrick Brown


Rick Mohr and his rose

Wonderfull bird by Ralph Deway

Rick Mohr and Paul Belanger

Rick is working for the contest

the Rick's entrie is finished

the Royal Sorrel's romain

He won the 2nd place in the large figure contest

Stacy Schmude's Devil







Star Wars by Tim McConeghy

Super Bug by Mark Verge

Super Mario by Arthur Tivoli

Chris Hayes, Diane, Paul Belanger, A Tivoli, Patty Sorrel, Tod Neufeld and Ken Stillman

The Pery's and their freinds

Todd is working before the prizes


Todd Neufeld is the great winner of the Tjam 01



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(c) by Arthur Tivoli